An ASHI home inspector is a person who is certified by ASHI, or the American Society for Home Inspectors, to perform home inspections. To become one, you need to go through some training and then certification is issued. You also need to be a member of ASHI and renew your membership annually.

An ASHI inspector will inspect homes and then come up with an inspection report that tells the buyer, seller or owner of the house the state the house is in. This information is crucial especially when a house is being sold, but regular homeowners also need to schedule periodic inspections that will tell them the state of their homes.

An ASHI inspector will get approached by a client after and they will agree on a date and time for the inspection. In most cases, the client is allowed to be present as the inspection is carried out. Once they have agreed on a date and time, the client will pay a fee. This fee will vary from inspector to inspector and also from state to state. The inspector will then draft a contract for the client to sign.

ASHI inspectors usually have a checklist of what they will be inspecting the roof, the structure, electricity and plumbing, air conditioning and other areas fall in this list. If there are other areas that a client wishes to have

inspected and they are not in the list, he can ask the inspector to add them for a fee, or he can look for a different certified inspector to do them. Things like black mold, dampness etc may not be listed for ASHI inspectors, but homeowners should have these areas looked at to avoid future damage.

A good ASHI inspector will explain to clients how they can keep their home in better condition. If he notices a problem with plumbing, for instance, he may advice on how the plumbing can be done better when repairs are done. This kind of knowledge is gained from their ASHI training, but people with a background in construction and home maintenance will have an advantage.

Once the inspection is complete, the inspector takes the client through his findings and explains them. He then goes back to his office and types up a report which he will give to the client. This report is generated fast, usually within 24 hours because it determines whether a house will be sold or not.

Inspectors can choose to start up on their own and advertise their services, but there are some who home inspection service companies. Either way, the important thing is to be certified. If you want to become an ASHI inspector, apart from the formal training that you will receive, you need:

  • To be a people person because you will deal with people all day
  • To have a passion for small business.
  • To like being outdoors.
  • To have a mind that can probe for problems and be able to explain them as well as solutions.
  • Have an interest in construction and how homes are generally built and maintained.
  • These personal traits will come in handy when you get your ASHI inspection certification.